The Portuguese Pousadas are a network of hotel locations partially owned by the State that offer modern and luxury comfort in historic castles, monasteries, or purpose-built buildings. Each is decorated to reflect to the guests the culture and heritage of the region in which they are located.

Pousada Mestre Afonso Domingues (Town: Batalha)

The purpose built Pousada in the Costa Prata region stands proudly facing the famous Dominican Abbey of Santa Maria. The Abbey is an outstanding example of Gothic and Manueline architecture and is a “must” for visitors to Portugal. Inside are the tombs of King João I and his English wife Phillipa of Lancaster. The Pousada geographically acts as a good location to visit Fátima to the east and Nazaré to the west. There are twenty one rooms and a restaurant and bar.

The Pousada is approximately 143 kms. from Lisbon Airport.

The normal Rates per night for a Pousada range from € 84.00 until € 169.00, depending on the season, the day of the week, the length of stay, and the chosen Pousada. However, we also have many special promotions and discounts to offer the visitor which can lower the cost per night per room. (Staying over Saturday night in a Pousada will normally incur a much higher room rate). Some examples of our various promotions are listed below:

a) - A stay per night from Sunday until Friday enjoys a lesser room rate.
b) - A stay of several nights in Pousadas will also enjoy a lesser room rate.
c) - Honeymoon couples staying two nights in the same Pousada enjoy a special rate.
d) - Visitors over 55 years of age enjoy a reduction of 40% on the Sunday to Friday room rate.
e) - Visitors staying 4 nights in certain Pousadas can enjoy a package price including a hire car.
f) - Visitors staying 7 nights pay only 5 nights; staying 6 nights pay only 4 nights; staying 3 nights pay only 2 nights.
g) - Visitors staying 4 nights also have a choice of packages, one including a hire car and one night in the 5 Star Pestana Palace in Lisbon.

Tell us your travel plans and we will offer you the best package available
according to your needs and time of the intended visit.

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Consider using the many Pousadas as they are excellent locations from which to
explore the country of Portugal. They provide a guarantee of comfort and atmosphere
from which to enjoy the fascinating history and varied culture, both combined with
the taste of traditional cuisine of the different regions.

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