Health is a serious matter and we therefore treat it and our patients with the best medical treatment. We have modern and functional premises and a highly qualified staff using the most up-to-date dental materials and methods.

Sterilisation ranks highly in our list of priorities and we use the latest equipment for this purpose. All our instruments are wrapped and sterilised in an Autoclave and used only once. Used needles, bistouries, etc, are placed in the correct recipients.

All superficial areas are always kept clean and disinfected with specific solutions for that purpose. We have a comfortable waiting room in which the patients can relax listening to music or watching TV.

Working with the latest technology and materials it is important for a quicker treatment and a satisfactory final aesthetic result. In Endodonthics, (root canals treatment) the use of new techniques, rotative and ultra-sonics, help to abbreviate the time of the treatment and give more comfort to the patients.

The aesthetic restorations for both front and back teeth with new generations (types) of composites allow us to create a natural and attractive smile. In more serious cases, the solution could be composites or porcelain veneer or porcelain crowns. Recent techniques such as the creation of "Inceran" allow perfect crowns free of metal.

For teeth with an appearance of yellow, we have proper methods to whiten them giving excellent results. For the patients with "Anaesthetic Trauma" we have a modern system using an electronic local anaesthetisation. In the case of twisted teeth, a careful diagnosis and an orthodontic intervention will replace these with very pleasing results.

Added to all of this, we offer our courtesy and the pleasure to assist our clients at the following two addresses……..

Previdente - Clínica Dentária Lda.
Edifício Labisa
Bloco 3 - Loja C
8200 Albufeira
Tel: 289 57 24 62
Previdente - Clínica Dentária Lda.
Edifício Vilamarina
Rua Tivoli
Loja 15/16
8125 Vilamoura
Tel: 289 38 82 19