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Costa de Prata - Recommended Hotels in Fátima Area
2495 Fátima

Pousada Conde de Ourém
Ideal for Fátima which is only 10 kms. distance. A group of medieval houses joined together to create comfort and a special feeling of ancient times. The Pousada is approx. 141 kms. from Lisbon Airport.
2490 Ourém

Pousada Conde de Ourém

Hotel Cinquentenario ****
Hotel Cinquentenario is a 4-star hotel located some 100 metres from the Shrine of Our Lady of Fátima. Discount rates online.
Rua Francisco Mato, 175 - 2495-448 Fátima

Hotel Dom Gonçalo & Spa ****
Designed with your wellness and comfort in mind this 4 Star hotel ensures a peaceful stay just 400 metres from the Sanctuary of Fátima. Discound rates for online booking.
Rua Jacinta Marto, 100 - 2495-450 Fátima

Dom Gonçalo

Hotel Estrela da Fátima ****
Renovated in 2007, the Hotel Estrela de Fátima offers comfortable accommodation in the centre of town, in the street next to the Sanctuary of Fátima. Discount rates online.
Rua Cónego Formigão N.º 40 - 2496-908 Fátima

Hotel Fátima ****
The Hotel was the first 4 Star one in Fatima, and therefore it was the closest hotel to the Sanctuary and the Apparitions Chapel. Discount rates online.
Rua João Paulo II - 2495-451 Fátima


Hotel Lux Fátima ****
Situated only 100 metres from the Fátima Sanctuary renowned for its Catholic religious apparitions, this modern 4-star hotel combines attentive service and a pleasant atmosphere. Discount rates online.
Avenida Dom José Alves Correia da Silva - 2495-402 Fátima

Lux Fátima

Hotel Santa Maria ****
The Hotel is right in the heart of town, offering guests modern and demanding standards of quality, comfort and service. Discount rates online.
Rua de Santo António, 2495-430 Fátima

Santa Maria

Hotel 3 Pastorinhos ***
Hotel 3 Pastorinhos is one of the most traditional hotels in Fátima. It enjoys an ideal location being only 50 metres from the Fátima Sanctuary and is the closest establishment to the shrine. Discount rates online.
Rua João Paulo II - 2495-451 Fátima

3 Pastorinhos

Hotel 4 Estações ***
Just 50 metres from the famous Sanctuary of Fátima, this modern hotel provides guests with a comfortable home during their stay in the small town of Fátima. Discount rates online.
Rua Jacinta Marto, 24 - 2495-450 Fatima
4 Estações

Hotel Cova da Iria ***
In the hospitable city of Fátima, at 400 meters of the Sanctuary, next to the A1, is located the Hotel Cova da Iria, a new and comfortable modern hotel. Discount rates online..
Avenida Beato Nuno, 424 - 2495-401 Fátima

Cova da Iria

Hotel Cruz Alta ***
This cosy Hotel has several services to offer, such as a laundry service, a reception open all day, an Internet Point, a TV lounge and a bar. Discount rates online.
Rua Conego Formigao, 10 - 2496-908 Fátima

Cruz Alta

Hotel Lux Mundi ***
Just 100 metres from the Fatima Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima. The modern hotel offers the maximum comfort in Fátima. Discount rates online.
Rua Jacinta Marto, 2495-450 Fátima

Lux Mundi

Hotel Santa Mafalda ***
Located 300 metres from the Sanctuary, this modern and comfortable small hotel offers a friendly atmosphere within a tranquil setting. Discount rates online.
Rua Jacinta Marto, 181 - 2495-450 Fatima

Hotel Steyler Fátima ***
Only a 5-minute walk from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima. The hotel is the largest in town and impresses with attentive service in a quiet setting.
Praça Paulo VI, - 2496-908 Fátima
Steyler Fátima

Hotel São José ***
Hotel São José offers its guests a relaxing place to stay in the pilgrimage town of Fatima. Discount rates online.
Avenida Dom José Alves Correia da Silva - 2495-402 Fátima

Luna Hotel Fátima Plaza ***
Fatima Plaza is a modern hotel located close to Fatima's sanctuary. It provides a peaceful and intimate atmosphere for a delightful holiday. Discounted rates online
Avenida Beato Nuno - 2495-401 Fatima

Luna Fátima Plaza